Amarnath Yatra Application Registration 2020 steps & guide

Amarnath yatra 2020 Registration Process Application Format Online Slot Booking check now

Entire registration process is done in step by step and those come first will be served and no recommendations is permitted

One registration is subjected to only one person and no extra person will be allowed to visit and processing will be commenced by banks

Each day will have some registrations only to avail traffic conditions and each person will be given some fixed time slot and he should complete his application in subsided timing

Aged and below aged persons are not allowed and those who are above 6 months of pregnant should not be allowed to perform their registration

Those who are willing to apply for these yatra must submitted their health certificate signed by SASB which is available in online

Entire application is of free of cost and it is completely online process and one should submit following documents for their process completion

Filling of application form and Compulsory Health Cerificate (CHC) and passport size photographs and CHC should be signed in time

There will be color coding for each day route and this will be issued by officers and previous years color codings are given below

Monday Lavender Lemon chiffon
Tuesday Pink lace Blue
Wednesday Beige Honey blue
Thursday Peach Lavender
Friday Lemon chiffon Pink lace
Saturday Blue Beige
Sunday Honeydew peach

Colour of their dress should be printed on their dress and it will be allowed to cross access control gates

Bank branch had to give ensure for when their yatra will permit is also printed on it

All yatra forms consists of date is printed on it I,e on which day they had to start their yatra and in no case it will be permitted on advance

Pass photo should be fix by yatra officer in their guidance and registration officer should seal entire products that is bringing by him

Candidate should have these following particulars

1. Issuing date

2. Serial number

3. Address

4. Route

5. Date of embarking

Nodal officer consulate and verify that number of persons every day and it should be counted on every day at

After completion of registration process all certificates should be forwarded to CEO, SASB, and all CHC

All registered candidates may visit their respective bank branch after normal banking hours

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