Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Ride Booking Fare Availability Book Online Now

Last year SASB board had introduced a online helicopter booking in association with Global Vectra Helicorp Limited Heli services for sector of Neelgrath-Panjtarani-Palhagam sector. There will be separate online booking for Baltal-Panjtarani-Neelgarth-Pahalgam sector separately.

Helicopter fare for Amarnath Yatra 2020:-

For amaranth yatra towards Neelgrath-Panjtaarni and Pahalgam-Panjtaarni fare is 1804/- and it consistsof all taxes and 3104/- respectively for one person which comprises of 48kms.

Cost of ticket is Pahalgam-Panjtarni is comparatively highly when compared to Neelgrath-Panjtarani

One should produce CHC (compulsory Health Certificate) which is duly signed by respective authorities by an medical officer

These medical certificate also we can provide online and no passenger is allowed without producing Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC) and also make sure that it was signed by medical authority and should be in valid date and if date is over then it is not valid

Only with a one credit card or debit card only 5 persons can be booked with one card and it will be produced at time of issuing a boarding pass.

Only helicopter should be reached up to 5-6 kms from amaranth temple and from there one should be walk to see temple darshan.

For booking contact these details by login in to Utair India pvt ltd. easiest way is start from lengthier which start from Baltal and for return journey there will be steep slope and this way is only for young and healthy persons. There will be trek which has a length of 36-48 kms which consists of slopes and trails. There is an important advice that aged or ill with past history of disease is not good for this yatra.

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